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The Original Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve

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  • About The Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve

    Over its 25+ year history, Fumoto's Engine Oil Drain Valve has earned the trust of over 10 million satisfied end users. Car and truck owners, truck fleet operators, and industrial engine manufacturers can testify to the impeccable quality, proven performance, and reliability of the Fumoto valve. To learn more about what makes the Fumoto valve such a unique product, click here.

    Fumoto offers Engine Oil Drain Valves for virtually any vehicle engine. Use the search function to the left or refer to our our Size Chart to find the right valve for your vehicle.

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    Want to learn more? Visit our FAQ page to learn more about Fumoto Oil Drain Valves. Find out why installing a Fumoto valve leads to the easiest and cleanest oil changes you’ve ever experienced.

Over 10 Million Units Sold
Trusted by Manufacturers Worldwide

The distinctive valve designs embodied in the Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valves are the exclusive property of Fumoto Giken Co. Ltd. and are the subject of US Trademark Registration Nos. 4,562,267 and 4,562,280.